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Al Valente, former Place 2 candidate 

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Alex DuLaney, Plano attorney and President of Plano Bicycle Association

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Greyson Dunn:  I am a Republican and I am supporting Ann Bacchus. I have known and worked with Ann for more than 10 years and found her to be reasonable and compassionate. We have had many political discussions, usually from the opposite sides of the issue, but she has always been open-minded to my views. Ann approaches issues from the perspective of "what's best overall" rather than merely "what does my party tell me I should do?" Ann is a good person and will do a good job for all of Plano.

Prabir Maj: I am a registered Republican, and as a political philosophy, we do believe that impact and influence to make a positive difference should begin at our backyard. Irrespective of ideology--and we had talked about it a lot--we should choose the candidate who (1) espouses strong family values, (2) believes in small, but responsive, government, and most important, (3) drives policy-making from the perspective of servant leadership, not from ideological standpoint. Those three qualities are very important for the people like myself and you, who call Republican Party our home. On those three qualities, I AM WITH ANN BACCHUS 110%. My friends, you should be too. 

Rebecca Roch: Just wanted to say kudos to your campaign volunteers for doing the leg work and getting out door to door to meet with voters. I haven't seen anyone from the good ol' boys club bother reaching out to constituents. It truly shows your desire to represent those who live, work and raise families in our community. I feel confident that you'll do a great job on city council and come April, you can count on my vote. Keep on fighting the good fight and you're doing great.

Vesna Rafaty: ​I have known Ann Bacchus since 1999, have lived in North Texas for over 30 years, my sons attended Plano ISD and so I understand the community well. I hope Plano elects Ann for City Council Place 2 because I know she is motivated to apply her excellent judgment, smarts, courage and unrivalled listening skills for the benefit of all residents of Plano on issues that matter today and tomorrow. She has a keen ability to focus and persevere. I know her family is proud of her and sees her as a pillar of strength. I see her that way too. I think all of the citizens of Plano surely will too.

Jim Lovell: Here is a candidate for Plano City Council that I am excited about. Read the article and you will see that Ann Bacchus is qualified and well-suited for the job. If you have any questions about her, I will be happy to answer your PMs. Or, ask her. I'm sure she would love to talk to you!

Subir Purkayastha: Ann is a home maker, working mother, successful family lawyer, businesswoman and a proven community organizer. She espouses strong family values, believes in...responsive government and non-ideological servant leadership. Ann will work hard to preserve excellence in our schools, safety in our neighborhoods, inclusive multi-cultural ambience in our city and grow economic opportunities for all segments of Plano’s diverse population.